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ACArchitecture recognised the need for an engaging, contemporary and clean website that enabled the company to upload and manage their own portfolio of clients work.

We delivered on both fronts, and the result was a sustained influx of new enquiries.


About the company

AC Architecture was formed in 2011 and provides architectural services to the local area. The company have extensive knowledge across all sectors of building design and construction, from small residential extensions to large scale commercial and industrial buildings.

Supporting the business

Architecture is in high demand and as such architectural companies compete for business in the same way other sectors do. AC Architecture recognised early on the potential benefits a well designed, clear and flexible website could bring to the company, not just by promoting their services but also generating new clients.

Initial meetings between Kent Web Host and the company centred around devising a clear strategy of support and how AC Architecture can measure the success of the website. Through this audit phase we created the project plan that would drive the design of the website. At significant milestones the client was kept up to date with developments whilst a prototype set of designs were produced.


Form and Function

The function of the website is to promote the services of this company, moreover it’s to gain the trust of potential clients and gently lead them into making an enquiry. But central to this function is the ‘portfolio’ section.


Client controlled web pages

Kent Web Host recognised the benefits of creating a website that the company can add to as and when they take on new projects. Through the WordPress CMS platform a user is able to login to the ‘back-end’ of the website, add a new project (including text, images and video) and effectively take full control over their own content. Not everyone is a web designer so it was very important that the system we created was very easy to use.

Success factors

One thing we’ve learnt over the last ten years designing websites, is that it’s not just about pretty websites; moreover it’s about a tangible deliverable. In this case the job of the website was to bring in more clients.

We we’re delighted when ACA telephoned us two months after the launch of the website to report they had taken three new clients directly from the website totalling a value of £16K!

Now that is a success factor!


Brilliant website, fantastic support and genuinely impressed with the whole process. Kent Web Host understood from the start what we wanted to achieve and we really felt that they got to know our business and the sector we worked in before they started the design process. Our website has generated over £10K worth of work within the first few months, which we’re really happy about.

Arron & Adam
AC Architecture Ltd