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Booths On The Move

Kent Web Host created a fun and energetic website designed to capture the imagination of prospective customers.


About the company

‘Booths On The Move’ can be found at your nearest wedding, bar mitzvah or a crazy end of year corporate event. Hiring out and running photobooths where guests are encouraged to dress up in wacky costumes all in the name of fun.

Supporting the company

Of course there is a real business aim behind all this and so Kent Web Host were brought on-board to ensure that the virtual side of the business is as appealing and dynamic as the booths themselves.

Following the consultation meeting with Danny Rhodes, managing director, we quickly set about creating a fun, engaging and ultimately profitable website. The key area was mainly the fantastic images of the events and so the website was specifically designed to highlight the amount of fun these booths are.

We decided that the only way to do this justice was to create a high-energy video short that flicks through around a thousand photographs, pausing occasionally on the fantastic ones, all to the beat of “Girls on Film” by Duran Duran.

Fun and funky homepage on an iPad

Fun and funky homepage on an iPad

Booking form

The next key area was to create a form that captured user details and booked in a booth. Even these normally dull forms were given a lick of paint!

Booking form page

Booking form page


  • Colourful and fun website
  • Booking form
  • Photo downloads


Web Design, CMS (Content Management System).



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Client feedback

The website has generated an unprecedented amount of interest in our photobooths, so a big thanks to Kent Web Host for their help and support.

Danny Rhodes
Booths On The Move