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The Old Country Crows

Kent Web Host created an engaging website to promote this local band together with the artwork for their début album.


About the band

The original light country/folk/rock band play shows around Kent. As a four piece they perform a number of original songs, and as the band put it “country, bluegrass, folk, rock, rock’n’roll and rockabilly are in the melting pot of the Crows”.

Supporting the band

The Crows needed a website to help promote their shows, connect with their fans and to provide a platform for marketing. They also asked if we could design their CD artwork, not a usual request but we stepped up to the plate nonetheless.

For us, meeting Gary Virtue for the first time was a fantastic example of why we love working with local individuals. We were certainly inspired by his energy and determination to find the right ‘feeling’ for the website. We were given, and I know Mr Virtue won’t mind us sharing, a bit of ‘homework’ to get into the right mindset to design the website. So we downloaded Tombstone, it’s a classic cowboy film staring Kurt Russell and set Arizona (as if you didn’t know!). We’re were also under strict instructions to only listen to Johnny Cash during the entire development of the website (which is usually on our playlist anyway).

Homepage viewed on Windows Surface

Homepage viewed on Windows Surface

The Crow Store

The crows wanted the ability for their fans to purchase their album both in a ‘download-only’ format and also a traditional CD delivered through the mail.

By utilising a low cost ecommerce solution the website provides the facility to buy an album online, and upon automatic verification of payment received, the system then sends a download link.

The order system provides a number of other useful functionalities for the band and provides a solid framework for the future.

Responsive web design

Kent Web Host designed The Old Country Crows’ website to be responsive. This means that the website adjusts the images, text and layout according to the screen size it is being viewed on. Long gone are the days when you need to zoom into a website viewed on a mobile phone.

Ban biography page viewed on a Nokia mobile phone

Ban biography page viewed on a Nokia mobile phone


  • Album sampler
  • Mini ecommerce order system
  • Contact form
  • Google map
  • Album artwork
  • Twitter feed


Web Design, CMS (Content Management System), WordPress.



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Client feedback

Thanks to Kent Web Host for a website which really captures what The Old Country Crows are all about. Special thanks goes to the team for pulling out all the stops to create the amazing CD artwork which matches the website beautifully!

Gary Virtue
The Old Country Crows