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Fitness Frenzi

Kent Web Host created an engaging and socially interactive website and also designed off-line printed materials for this Dover based company.

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About the company

Fitness Frenzi are a classic example of a successful local start up company. Initially as a group of three fitness instructors they approached Kent Web Host back in 2011 for a website. As the company grew organically we have been there every step of the way to offer support with branding, printed marketing, social networking and website changes.

Mobile friendly web design

By incorporating a responsive design the website adjusts its proportions according to the device it is viewed on – try for yourself, visit the website and shrink the browser window down. This means for the user the information is presented clearly; text is legible and images are scaled down perfectly – no more pinch-zoom on mobiles.

A clever little map

With fitness classes located around Kent it was important to consolidate this information and make it really easy for a visitor to the website to be able to find the class they want to attend. The mapping system we developed allows a user to click on a class and get directions, if a user is viewing the website on a mobile then the GPS is activated and allows the ‘from’ entry to be pre-filled, thus speeding up the search.


Choosing either ‘driving’, ‘walking’ or ‘cycling’ a user can click on the flag of the class and look up directions (powered by Google Maps)


Elements such as this map make the visit to the website far more enjoyable (and useful)

Elements such as this map make the visit to the website far more enjoyable (and useful)

Responsive web design


Mobile friendly ‘app-style’ website design

With such a high proportion of people browsing the internet using their mobiles and other smaller, more portable devices, it’s important that a website looks as good and functions as well as it’s desktop counterpart. Fitness Frenzi serves a fairly diverse demographic, so getting the right information quickly and efficiently in front of a user no matter what platform they choose to view the website is the driving force with the design.

High definition (retina-ready) website graphics

With a plethora of devices now supporting high definition screens we decided to create most of the graphics via a vector based (and where appropriate icon-based) framework. This means that the majority of the graphics served will scale up (or down) without suffering from noise which is most commonly found with JPEG images. Modern jQuery function libraries also scale the proportions of the graphics so they too are treated to the full HD experience, whilst clever fall-backs ensure that those visitors with standard definition screens are served clean and clear graphics.

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Web Design, CMS (Content Management System), Ecommerce, Branding.



Technologies used

Joomla, Blogging software, PHP, mySQL, Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, jQuery.

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[quote align=”left” padding-top=”20px” color=”#999999″]Outstanding support from Kent Web Host over the last two years, they have been instrumental in our development as a start-up company – although we’d love to see them at our Zumba class once in a while ;-)[/quote]

Chris Hillary
Fitness Frenzi