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Responsive Web Design.

Engage with your mobile & tablet users.

The popularity of using the web on mobiles provides real opportunities for Kent businesses to engage and communicate with users.

Not just ‘mobile-friendly’.

Kent Web Host continue to build useful and ‘user-focused’ responsive websites. Designing websites that utilise a mobile-first approach enables a business to reach a wider audience since a larger proportion of website traffic is now on mobile devices rather than desktop.

With so many devices around it’s important that your website looks good no matter what screen size it’s being viewed on. Which is why it’s not just ‘mobile-friendly’ that’s important – it’s ‘user-friendly’ that is the key to reaching a larger audience.


User Experience

At the heart of your website are your visitors, and because more people use mobiles to access the internet we think it is essential that you can communicate your business through the medium that they choose.


Increase conversions

Typically a user browsing the web with a mobile device often needs to find information quickly, by utilising this opportunity we can reward your users with a better digital experience within the confines of a small screen.


Improve your search position

Responsive websites are rewarded by Google and other search engines with more prominent positions. Creating websites that works well on any device improves your customer bounce rate.


Mobile users

Reach a whole new group of users through well designed responsive websites that exploit mobile technology to open more opportunities for your business.

Designed for the modern web

Improve brand consistency and reduce the number of dropouts (those users unable to view a non-responsive website) with a website designed for the way we access the internet.


The mobile web is growing at an extraordinary rate. Ensure your website can meet the demands of your users with a responsive website design by Kent Web Host.

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